Common Air Conditioner Problems That Klang Homeowners Face

An air conditioner is not always a reliable investment. It must be maintained and serviced to ensure that it functions well and lasts for many years. One of the most common problems that Klang homeowners face when using their AC unit is when the machine begins to make strange sounds or clanks. While these noises might seem harmless, they can indicate serious equipment problems and you’ll definitely need professional aircon service from Klang.

Here are other common air conditioning problems:

1. Clanking Noise

A rattling or clanking noise may be caused by a loose connection in the AC unit’s expansion valve. This part of your AC connection monitors air pressure and maintains excellent airflow. If the expansion valve is not where it should be, it can cause a loud clanking sound similar to chains slamming together. This type of repair does not cost too much, but it needs to be fixed immediately to prevent further damage.

2. Humming Sound

An Air Conditioner also makes a humming noise when it cannot handle its load effectively. This is another sign that your AC machine may require servicing or repair. As long as your AC unit can take the bag, the machine will not make a humming sound- even if it is turned on with a higher temperature setting and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air is negligible. If your unit does begin to make a humming noise, it may be time for you to call in an expert.

3. Squealing Sound

When the air conditioning unit is turned on, and the temperature inside your home begins to rise, it causes the coils in the machine to heat up. These coils will then expand, causing friction as they rub each other. This friction creates a squealing noise as metal meets metal, but it will only occur when you run your AC and switch between cool and warm settings.

4. Knocking & Whining Sound

A knocking sound is another sign that you need to contact your HVAC technician. With noise noises like this, it is not likely that your air conditioner will last much longer than a few months if another problem occurs after every repair. Depending on the situation, you will be responsible for paying for some repairs, but contacting an expert to examine your unit before any more damage occurs is always a good idea.

5. Cracking Noise

If you hear a cracking noise coming from your air conditioning unit, this may mean that the refrigerant pipe inside your compressor is leaking. The leaking refrigerant could also be causing vibrations in other parts of the team and result in costly repairs down the line if it is not addressed immediately. If you are hearing this Noise from your AC, you should contact a professional directly to prevent further problems with your unit.

6. Whistling Sound

Whistling noises happen when warm air is being blown onto the AC’s evaporator coils, but it may take some time for you to be able to pinpoint a whistling sound coming from your unit. A whistling sound from your AC means a problem in the ductwork. This could be caused by a hole being poked into the system, or it could mean that the ducts are damp and need to be re-sealed. This type of problem requires professional attention as soon as possible so that you can stop damaging your equipment with your AC unit.

In conclusion, do not ignore the problem if you have a clanking, humming, or rattling sound coming from your air conditioning unit. A clanking noise is the most common issue with this type of equipment, and you may be able to prevent more damage by repairing the problem immediately. It is also advise that you should maintain your aircon to avoid future problems as stated here.

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