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Luau Party Game Ideas
We went to the experts for luau party game ideas... the ones that actually play the games!  They had some great ideas!  Here are a few that can be adapted for any Luau Party, Beach Party, Pirate Party or just about any kind of party.
Hukilau Musical Chairs
Set up chairs or cushions in a circle,  put in some Hawaiian music, show the kids the basic hula move and let the fun begin!  The game is played by having one less chair or cushion than you have players.  When the music stops, eliminate the standing player and remove another chair or cushion before the music starts again.  The last player in the chair wins a prize!
Hawaiian Luau Scavenger Hunt
A few days before your party, come up with a list of items (Luau related) for your party guest to find.  If you are wanting to keep your party-goers within the boundaries of your property, make sure the items can be found there.  Using a paper(pre-printed) or background(some software has tropical backgrounds available) available on your computer, print out several forms so that each group can have a list.  Set a time limit or just let them go.  The group that brings back all the items first wins and you can give them each a small prize or even print out forms that say that they won. 
Luau Fishing Game
Find a stick, tie some string to the end and tie a magnet to the end of the string.  Set up a small child's plastic pool or a bucket.  Inside the bucket, you can place magnetized items or luau favortreat bags with small goodies inside with a magnet placed in the bag tie.  The kids can them fish for treats!!
Hawaiian Makeover
Dress up your guest in their favorite island attire or have a tacky tourist contest!!  If your budget is limited, you can purchase one hula costume and do a makeover (buy some inexpensive make-up kits for kids at your favorite discount store), dress each child up, one at a time, and do a photo of them as they model their new look.  If you have a digital camera and printer, you can give them a copy to take home as a favor.  You could even make a special area with your decorations for your photos to be taken at.  You can also ask the kids or adults to dress up in their best "tacky tourist" concept and do photos of those with a small prize for the winners. 
Have some great luau party games of your own?  Feel free to email your idea to sales@tropictreasures.comand we will list them on our site. 
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