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Pirates of the High Seas....on,

that is, Halloween Season!!

Re-cylce those Luau Party goods and have a treasured (ah, matey, too much pun for the fun) Halloween Party that can be tailored for the youngest to a full-blown party for adults.  Dress up your home to be a Pirate's lair in Barbados or an Inn in Port Royale or a tropical island where the treasure has been hidden.  We have all the goods to make it happen...just pick your "Poison".

Deck the tables in Ti Leaf sets, grass table skirts, coconut cups, Beware of Pirate Tableware;  set the scene with either the tropical island backdrop or the sand and top them with one of the new Pirate Props (Bonny Pirate, Pirate Ships, or Pirate's Hideaway).  Fill the sea shell punch bowl with grog (recipe below), traditional roasted pig, baked sweet potatoes and any other combination (some ideas listed below)  that you can imagine.  Pirate's fair varied from whatever the island had to offer to the finest dining facilites and parties in New Orleans and Galveston. 

Games?  For the Pumpkin carving contest...a pirate ship, a sword, plank, parrot, island....  A treasure hunt would be a natural event.  Either assign Pirate names to the people you invite or have them pick a famous pirate to dress up as and have everyone guess identities.  The person that guesses the most correctly would win a prize of sorts. 

So, fill in the important information in your Pirate "Invites in a Bottle" and get the party started. 

For serving trays, we have a wide variety of Tiki and Palm Leaf trays to select from.


Boil 1 quart of water and add two tablespoons of sugar;  stir to dissolve.  Let mixture cool.  When cool, add 4 ounces of Dark Rum and two tablespoons of lime or lemon juice.  To serve, add cinnamon stick and a slice of lemon or lime.  Cloves can be added but that is a strong flavor that you may want to experiment with.  You can make this up and pour over dry ice in punch bowl or seashell bowl. 

Peg Legs:

Buy drumettes at your local store.  Place in Crock Pot with a honey bbq sauce and let cook all day.

Potato Boats:

Bake your potato to desired doneness.  After cooked, cut the potatoes in half, lengthwise.  With a spoon, gently take out the inside of the potato, careful not to damage the skins. 





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