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Recession Talk Making You Feel Like You've Been Beached?

Let us show you how to make the biggest impact for your dollar and party all year long!


Your first step is to list out all of the parties you need to have this year....Graduation, Birthdays, etc.  In a different colored pen, write in the ones that you would like to have...end of School or for just gathering friends together.  Once that is done, in a column next to your event, write in how many people you need to invite and whether this event will be formal, casual, dinner;  any relevant information to help you start formulating your plan.  I was surprised when I did this because I had a lot more parties to do this year than I really thought I had.  After this was complete, I highlighted the events that were the highest priority.  For my list, it was a Graduation Party for a nephew that is graduating from High School.  For my family, Luau Graduation Parties are tons of fun and so easy to do but here is the greatest thing--I have a Birthday party just a couple of weeks after that and I can re-use a lot of the major items that I purchase, add a few new things, and I can convert my Luau Party Supplies into a Beach themed party which is perfect for my Sister-n-Law!!

By purchasing the key luau party goods: grass table skirts, coconut cups, centerpieces, tiki mugs and straws.... I can use them for the Graduation, take them down and store them in a box, add a few new items (using Hang'n Loose tableware for a beach theme) and you have a whole new party with a totally different look!  I can continue to do this for the whole year!  For the 4th of July, for Halloween and even Christmas

By looking at your whole year of parties and events, you can better see how to spend your money.  Luau Parties are very versatile and with a few changes, a whole new theme can emerge, ie, Beach theme, Tiki Island theme, Jungle theme....we will continue to add to the themes with more specific ideas for each in our next Newsletter...

Until then, Aloha!




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