Proper Ways To Keep Your Stick-On Bra Last Long

The stick on bra is the latest invention in body shapers and the best ones are from It’s a unique and versatile design that is made with two sturdy, full-coverage layers of fabric with a space in the middle to insert your breast. The bra-shaped cups are made out of soft, breathable fabric and are lined with a gentle cotton lining to wick away sweat between your breasts. The shaped cups are designed to fit your body perfectly, and the soft support of the bra-shaped cups then holds its shape around your breasts even without you in it.

Here are the proper ways to keep your stick on bra last long:

1. Improve your posture

The bra-shaped cups need to support your breasts. If not, it can cause a lot of strain on the bra and could compromise its shape. One of the best ways to optimize your breasts is by improving your posture and having the correct form when you work out. Your goal should be to keep the bra in place, not just improve your appearance.

2. Learn how to wear it

You must learn how to wear a properly fitting stick on a bra before wearing it for a long time in public or when working out at the gym with other people watching. That way, you won’t break any laws and get people thinking that you are indecent. The simple fact is that you can’t wear a stick on the bra the same way as normal bras. So, you have to learn how to wear it properly.

3. Know what size you need

One of the best ways to get a stick on bra that fits you properly is by consulting a proper fitting stick on bra model. You can do just that by visiting an online retailer provided by the stick on bra manufacturers or a proper fitting store in your area or city. You should then purchase the correct size for your body and go home so that you can try it out immediately and get acquainted with it.

4. Know how to take care of it

The key here is to know how to properly care for a proper fitting stick on bra. You must not put it through the wash every time you are done using it, for example. The best way to take care of your stick on bra is by only putting it in the laundry when you need to clean it properly, such as after a particularly difficult workout that made your breasts smelly or sweaty.

5. Change it properly

Changing your stick on bra is just as important as wearing one. However, this is not just about washing your stick on bra. You also need to change the stick on a bra properly so that your breasts won’t get pushed out of place. For example, if you wear a t-shirt and then put your stick on bra back over the top of it, the t-shirt may compress the stick on bra and cause its shape to shift out from its proper position. Check out here the other signs of why you should change your bra properly.


The way to keep your stick on bra last long is simple, you need to wear it properly. It’s like a pair of leather shoes; you can’t wear them out by walking in the rain. Treat it right and it will last you a long time. By doing this, your breasts will always be supported and your stick on bra won’t lose its shape at all.

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