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Tiki Island Madness Halloween Party...

Great for Kids, Teens and Adults!

Take the Grass table skirts, bamboo torches, candle centerpieces, coconut cups, inflatables....Put away the floral items and add Ti leaves table set, fern leaf leis, tiki island tableware, palm leaf platters, Coconut Monkey  for   centerpieces and let the madness begin.  Take your left over luau party supplies, add a few new items and a Carnival line CD for background music and you have a whole new party. 

For drinks, mix up a batch of Volcano's, put it in your sea shell bowl, add dry ice and serve in your coconut cups or tiki mugs.  Serve honey teriyaki drumsticks, shipwheel rollups on the palm leaf platter, potato wedges shaped like native canoes, trail mix and tiki pole wraps(roll a hot dog in pre-made breadstick dough and decorate with olives and other vegetables).  Or take any traditional halloween recipe and add to the table.  Serve up a Volcano Cake for the perfect ending cake!

For games: "carve your favorite tiki mask into a pumpkin" contest;  Costume contest for the best native, pirate or conquistador;  limbo game;  or any other traditional game for halloween, give it a tiki or island twist, and add it to the list. 

When the party is over, box up your skirts, leis and other items and save for a Tropical Christmas (party ideas and products coming soon) or for a Summer Luau Party.  Lay your skirts flat in a box and place the leis and other items on top.  If you find the leis have flattened out when you go to re-use them, just place them in your dryer on air setting for a minute or two and they will fluff out again.  Works on the garlands, too. 

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